Haunted – The Beginning



Photo Harriet Lansdown

-You know why I’m here…

-Yeah I pretty know

She said nothing more. Of course she knew. She had known from the moment she had heard the sound of my voice on the phone. She had known I wasn’t like the others. Those who came and who regretted. And now she was staring at me…. So young…. so innocent…. she would have even said that I was weak if she hadn’t noticed the determination burning through my eyes.

No I was not like the others…. Why couldn’t she be happy then? She knew that I’d be strong. Yes why? It was such a waste…I was just a little girl after all…She looked like she hated what she was going to do. She was watching me standing in her dark, cold office. On the wall were hung long and thin sliver instruments-those that she would be using on me in a few time. She put an eye on them and came back to me:

-It’s going to hurt

-It’s already burnt

-Ok let’s see what we can do

-Take it all away I want nothing left



Nothing but the echo running along the damp wall… As damp as if we were in a cellar. Yes we were in a cellar. It’s in a cellar that she was going to take my……

-Take off your clothes

She was preparing her tools without looking at me. I found no problem in it, I knew perfectly well who I was going to give the little box she was holding. And I knew perfectly well what I was going to put inside.

I smiled at her when she said in a hard voice

-let’s start….

No I wasn’t weak… I wouldn’t be weak anymore. What had made me weak during all these years will soon be lying at the bottom of this little box.

The Phantom Limb


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