Next step for He For She, what have we done, what will we do?

In September, I was talking about Emma Watson’s speech for HeForShe and why I thought she was a great news for feminism. On the 23rd of January, the young lady made another speech to talk about the next step of her campaign for gender equality.

It’s called Impact 10x10x10 and it aims at relaying the actions done towards gender equality so that they can have a bigger impact.

Here is how she introduced it.

Here are my answers.

What have I done? Not much. Actually, I’ll start by what I haven’t done.

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking with a guy I know about Jennifer Lawrence’s naked picture. He told me OF COURSE he had seen them and that he didn’t know WHY he should not take advantage of this hacking, even calling the guy who made the pictures public a hero. I tried to explain him how wrong his behaviour was and why it was so but I eventually ended telling him how disgusting a moron I thought he was -I don’t really like him.

The other people we were with, people I like and care for, didn’t seem to think what he was saying was noticeably insensitive and insulting. Unsurprisingly, I didn’t tell them they were morons and I let them change the subject of the conversation without trying to explain myself. Why is it so unsurprising? I don’t know. Maybe I don’t want to talk to them more deeply about the subject. Maybe I’m not so eager to tell them what morons they are. Maybe I just don’t want to realise that they can actually be morons.

What I haven’t done is try. What I haven’t done is make them understand why it means so much to me that women should not be treated like objects. What I haven’t done is talk to them about fear, guilt and disgust, about consent, about the burden of gender expectations, about what it is to be a woman in a world that doesn’t think you are legitimate when you talk about sports, sex or politics -or worse, do them.

What I haven’t done is ask them what was their burden due to gender expectations, or tell them that I don’t think they are more guilty than I am about the situation but that they are not less responsible.

What have I done, chat will I do?

Write a bit but above all, read a lot and share, mostly. Infuriating stuff, encouraging stuff, inspiring stuff.

Like this interview Björk gave to Pitchfork.

Like this article, proof that things can change.

Or like this video that talks about Emma Holten’s story and how she reacted to revenge porn.

And you? What have you done? What will you do?


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