Happy You’ve-Got-A-Vagina Day!

I wasn’t going to write anything about the International Women’s Day, because you know, it’s Sunday, I’m in my bed, I got a bunch of movies to watch… But hey, you got me angry.

From what I gathered this morning, it really sounds like to a lot of people, IWD is like a free pass out of the kitchen for one day. Like hey! Enjoy! It’s just for today! Tomorrow you go back to the dishes! But today you can do whatever you like! You can talk about Woody Allen, go shopping, talk about love, wear pink, talk about shoes and shave your armpits, because that’s what people with two X chromosomes just naturally do.

It’s like it’s a celebration or something. Like hey! CONGRATULATIONS, YOU’VE GOT A VAGINA! Wowzers, man, I know it’s amazing, I’d like to thank my family and my agent!

Jennifer lawrence thank you

I think we’re missing something somewhere. I think we’re missing the whole point actually.

It’s not a day to celebrate clichés about being a woman, it’s a day to think about what being a woman means- not only here and now- what it means elsewhere, what it meant, what has changed, what must change and how it can be changed. And it’s not only for women, it’s for everyone. You don’t have to be a woman to feel concerned – and when I mean concerned I don’t mean the oh-shit-it’s-women’s-day-and-I-forgot-to-buy-you-flowers kind of concern.

Since it looks like it’s the only day in the year we deliberately talk about women, it sounds like a great waste of time to talk about bikini waxing. Let’s talk about rape and victim blaming. Let’s talk about working women. Let’s talk about having the right to own your own body. Let’s talk about courage and education. Let’s talk about a lot of things, not because it’s women’s day but because they matter and because being a woman is not something to celebrate, it’s a freaking normal thing to be.

If you think I should be happy to have a Women’s day anyway, that I’m over-reacting, if you think it’s because of hormones or because women are hysterical, I’ve got something to tell you and I mean it deeply, delicately (because I’m a woman, you know) passionately, from the bottom of my girly pinky glittery heart to the end of my second chromosome x :

And I’ll repeat it tomorrow, even if it’s not my day, and the day after because you got me really angry and having two sets of lips is not a reason to shut up.


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