Tomorrowland – REVIEW

Some movies are like universes. You enter, you wander, you discover and, sometimes, you just can’t leave. You try to blink, to blink harder but the harder you blink, the clearer it becomes that you’ve left a bit of yourself behind. The recovery can take time, a very long time on very seldom occasions, when you find yourself unwanting to recover.

Well, Tomorrowland is not that kind of movie. But it could have been if it hadn’t tried so hard.

On the paper, it doesn’t look that bad. I mean, science-fiction, George Clooney, Brad Bird (the guy behind Ratatouille), that sounds good. The story sounds appealing too: a curious and optimistic teenager discovers a mysterious world when she touches a mysterious pin delivered by a mysterious girl.


Strangely attracted by this perfect universe, she is resolved to get back there, even it means forcing a grumpy man to help her when he appears to know a bit more than what he says. It gets even more interesting when we realise that them going to Tomorrowland would be the only way to save the Earth’s tomorrow. And then even even more when some people don’t really want them to succeed.

And there I was, swelling and swelling with expectation (I don’t know if you English-speaking people say that, but it is an accurate description of myself)… for nothing. As we say in French, the soufflé fell down.


I’ll tell you why it fell down. But first, take a moment to appreciate that talent of mine to put a Doctor Who-related gif even though it is absolutely unrelated. Well done, me!


So. It fell down. The first reason is that it is long. Very long. More than 2-hour long. The second reason is that it looks like a draft composed of a handful of good ideas linked together by a feeble plot and topped by a very heavy touch of judgmental/humanist/ecologist propaganda. It would actually be a pretty good draft, if it was intended to be an advertising spot for Tomorrowland, the park attraction. But it’s supposed to be a movie and I’m expecting a bit more than that from a movie.

Oh, the actors are not bad, they are even good. There are beautiful images, the aesthetic is fine and believe me, in Imax, it’s awesome. Some action sequences are nice. The steampunk Eiffel tower is great* but the whole stuff is disappointing.

Call me cynical but it didn’t make me want to save tomorrow. To be honest, it didn’t even make me want to see it.

*Talking about that Eiffel Tower scene… was it really that hard to find real French people in the movie industry? We are everywhere, come on !  


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